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How to Make a Google Form for Questionnaire Quickly

Questionnaires can be made online with Google Form. Well, there are ways to create a Google Form for questionnaires easily and quickly. Like what?

Google Form is one of the facilities provided by Google to create a form or questionnaire. Users only need to share the link so the questionnaire can be filled out. Google Form is really suitable for a variety of needs such as college assignment research or work assignments in the millennial era .

Here’s how to create a Google Form :

First, users must enter the page at Then, for registration a column will appear for the title of the form and the type of questions to be asked, whether multiple choice or check boxes.

How to make Google Form can be done on the HP, iPhone or Android, as well as on a personal computer (PC) directly. Next, fill in the questions and answers by clicking the Add Item menu.

Fill in the number of questions as you wish. Users can also set the type of text, paragraph they want.

The next stage, if the user wants to create an interesting questionnaire can be set with a theme. The trick is to choose the Change Theme feature and click on the theme he likes.

If you are not sure about the contents of the questionnaire, users can see the final results that will be used. How to see Google Form results by re-entering Google Form and opening the form in question.

How to make the last Google Form by sharing the results of the form in the form of a link. There are three ways to share forms, namely Send form, Download as, and Embed.

Google Form results can be checked via the View Response menu. Good luck how to make a Google form.